Ещё одна программа игры в шахматы. Программа уникальна тем, что вы можете советоваться с компьютером (если вы играете с ним) о том или ином ходе. Он комментирует ваши ходы и сообщает своё мнение о ваших умственных способностях. На английском, правда.

Вы можете записывать свои игры. Можете сыграть партию, которую играет сейчас, на другой доске с тем, чтобы проанализировать все дальнейшие свои ходы.

Ниже приведена инструкция игры на английском языке.

Menu File

New game
Starts a new game

New Shuffle Game
Starts a new game of this specific type. A chess variant. Games start with a random position of the pieces on the first rank.

Choose database
Opens a pop up menue for databases. Shredder 4.0 can handle formats like CBF and PGN.

Load game
Activates a game list of the actual gamebase. To load a game plese select it by double click with your mouse.

Save game
Saves the curent game into the active gamebase. A pop up menue appears, offering you the possibility to enter all relevant data to the game. This will increase search speed later on alot

Replace game
Replaces a game in the active database

Delete game
Deletes a game from the active database

Load previous game
Loads the previous game from the list

Load next game
Loads the next game from the list.

Load position
Loads a position database in the EDP format. Shredder saves positios in this specific format. EDP contain plain Ascii. They may bear several positions as well as a complete annotation. Beside the game information EDP saves infos on the rochade, En passant, side to move and so forth. EDP numbers and names all squares from a1 to h8. White figures can be detected through the use of capital letters. Continuous following blanks are defined as numbers while row changes are marked as an /. Please note, that Chess Genius cannot handle searches using this format and, as well, doesn’t support comments or variations. So EDP is basically designed for data exchange with other chess programms who can handle this format. In the right sided part of the window you can see the EDP strings, containing the concerned data. If you click onto one of these patrs, Shredder 4.0 will display the position in a little chess board window. Using the arrows underneath it you can easily navigate through this position and detect the wished position.

Save position
Saves a position using the EDP format

Load previous position
Loads the previous position from the activated position database

Load next position
Loads the next position below the current one in use

Print position
Prints the current game. Using the pop up menue you can specify or correct alongsided, relevant data to this particular game

Set up a position
Opens a mask to set up a position, supporting the EDP format. Especially one usenet this format is mostly used to exchange interesting positions in dedicated chess servers.

Load a position
Loads a EDP position. Shredder 4.0 offers an easy to use dialog system for EDP data.The current position appears at the start. In order to replace a figure chose the wished type by activating it with a click on the figures at the right side of the board. The mouse pointer exchanges into the selected figure while moving over the board.

Edit position
Click onto the wished square to place it. If you right click onto a square you will place the same figure in the other colour. To remove a figure double click the concerned square. In order to rebuild the original setup please click "actual position". Using the OK button you end up the psoition setup. In case the position is illegal, the button will not appear. You can use the stop button to leave the setup move without any changes have been made. With the rochade buttons you can define the rochade rights for both sides. Of course, if King or Rook aren’t on their original squares anymore, you can’t activate the rochade buttons. With the buttons left, right, up + down you you can push the setup one line up or down. Using the button "vertical" you can mirror the position, which means that a and h line will be turned. Using the button "horizontal" you cann moirror the position horizontal, which means that black and white will change place.

Shredder 4.0 is copy protected. You can install it unlimited times. After a certain time period, 30 days or 99 prog starts at max. the Shredder CD must be inserted into you CD drive for a short control. Elsewise the prog will refuse to start anymore. It automatically detects the correct CD drive. Using the command. Authorize or refill you can reanew the max. start capacity at any time you wish.

Ends up Shredder 4.0. The current settings are saved automatically.

Menu Command

Makes the prog start computing

Interrupts the programs operation

Copies the present situation on the board into the Windows clipboard. You can choose, if you an annotation (PGN), a position (EPD) or the content of the analysis window shall be pasted into the clipboard. Of course you can edit these data at your convenience, for example pasting them into a document.

Copies any kind of relevant data content of the clipboard into Shredder 4.0

Offer draw
You can offer draw at any time, as soon as it’s your turn to move

You can resign against the programm at any time

Forces Shredder 4.0 to offer a move hint. If Shredder is calculating, this function is not available.

Wildcard analysis
With the command "wildcard" from the "command" option Shredder 4.0 offers a unique feature for analysing. A figure of your choise can be defined as a "wildcard" and then can be placed onto any wished square. Shredder 4.0 evaluates the value of the position and immediately shows it on the screen. For example, a question like "which is the best place for my King" is quite easy to detect.

Show main line
Replays the currently detected main line on a variation board. You can navigate through this line by using the arrows. The button "automatic" will make Shredder 4.0 play the current main line automatically for you. "Update" will show you every new detected main line on the variation board.

Insert main line
Inserts the current main line including the evaluation and time into the game annotation

Game details
Opens a pop up window to edit all needed or wished data for the current game

Enter comment
Within the annotation you can place written comments or the international known chess marks to evaluate a move or the position.

With this particular command you can use several different functions. You can take back or move foreward within the annotation or in variation lines, jump directly to a wished position or let the entire game be replayed for you automatically.

Move variation up
Game annotations can contain variations of first or second order.

Delete variation
Using this command you can delete a variation or line.

Delete rest of the game
With this function you can cut the following rest of the current game

Delete all comments
Deletes all comments out of the current game

Delete all variations
Deletes all variations out of the current game

Menu Levels

A level defines, how much time can be spent by the players. Much alike a human player, Shredder 4.0 will play the stronger, the more time he has to compute. In the "Level" menue you can choose between predefined and programmable time levels.

  • The five levels only cut Shredder`s computing time. The shown times should be taken as average.
  • In the tournament mode both players are allowed to spend 2 hours time for the 1st 40 moves at max. After this each player has one more hour time for the next 20 moves.
  • The next three levels define a total time for the game. Of course this is meant for both players.
  • In the "easy levels" Shredder 4.0 will compute rather short and will "miss" a mate. Level 5 of the easy levels is the strongest within this mode
  • Using the mode "Fischer clock" at total time will be difined for the entire game in advance ( startup time ). After each move each player will get a time bonus ( increment )
  • In the "Blitz" mode a total time for the entire game can be defined
  • Using the level" exact time/move" Shredder 4.0 will respect this under all circumstances. This level is rather dedicated to test positions than to normal gameplay.
  • With "fixed depth" you can pre define, how many plys deep Shredder shall compute
  • In the "infinite" level Shredder 4.0 will compute until he has reached his max. horizon of a 99 ply depth or a mate is recognized. The setting "analysis" should be 1st choice, if you wish to let Shredder 4.0 analyze unlimited
  • "User levels" allow you to set up to three time controls during the upcoming game. The 3rd time control will only appear if you have defined No 2 before. With the "all" command option you fix the time control to be prior for the entire rest of the game

Within the "analysis" mode no level is activated, because of no pre defined, fixed time. If you intend to activate a level while using the "analysis" mode the program will change into the "normal" mode again.

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